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Sherwood CODE TMP 3 Intermediate Hockey Stick

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Meet the newest way to up your game. The CODE TMP 3 is a stick built for performance that has high level specs while still remaining balanced, light weight and affordable. The new Blackline 6 carbon fibre weave ensures the stick feels lightweight but still super durable. It also features Featherlite X technology which makes the stick balanced, light and powerful

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Length: 57inch
Textured Grip
Hybrid Kickpoint

Key Features

All NEW I Shaft with Energized Velocity Taper - Specifically designed with minor hockey and elite female players in mind. Redesigned from the ground up, the I shaft takes into consideration hand size and grip strength to create a new ergonomic shaft combined with EVT to give players a pro shaft taper and to maximize their power in both shooting and passing.

Blackline 6 - lightweight and ultra responsive carbon fibre weave allowing you to feel the puck like never before.

Featherlite X - A handmade carbon fibre layup that improves both the balance point and durability of the stick while keeping it extremely lightweight.

Refined Hybrid Kickpoint - The improved hybrid kickpoint maximizes load and release values for increased power and accuracy.