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Sherwood/Better™Gift Shop Capsule Collection

It’s been a minute since our last collab…but we’re back with our first drop of the year. We’ve joined forces with Toronto-based streetwear label Better™ Gift Shop to create a one-of-a-kind collection which celebrates the evolution of hockey and culture as we know it. 

Hockey is played by millions and embraced as a key part of being a Canadian, which we are proud to be ourselves. From casual pick-up games of shinny in the winter and road hockey in the summer, the sports’ influence and style impacts athletes and enthusiasts alike.

We’ve supported the hockey community for nearly 75 years with high quality equipment that lets players translate their style off the ice to their game on the ice. We’ve continually pushed the boundaries of the game of hockey over the past few years and we will keep progressing where this sport has never gone before. By collaborating with Better™ Gift Shop, we’re continuing to push the culture forward to celebrate the art and community of hockey.

The collections’ design and construction pays homage to the community of Toronto and greater Canada. The core lion graphic was inspired by Toronto’s Chinatown neighborhood of Better™ Gift Shop’s flagship store and is a nod to the Hong Luck Kung Fu Club - a nearby Kung Fu and Lion Dance Club who are frequent collaborators of the shop. Additionally, all items were produced right here in Canada and some items such as the jersey are hand made to ensure the highest quality of product.  

The collection includes a hoodie, jersey, t-shirt, and cap, and will be available for purchase on 4/15 at, Better™ Gift Shop’s Toronto store, Dover Street Market, Comme Des Garçons, Concepts and other exclusive global boutiques.

The game that we all love is shifting to the next generation, and we’re here to celebrate that together.