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Artist Puck Challenge



And that’s a wrap! Check out our Instagram (@sherwoodhockey) to see who the winner of our first ever Artist Puck Challenge is. Thank you to all who submitted designs, who voted, and supported in this epic journey!


WE. ARE. NOW. LIVE! Check out our Instagram (@sherwoodhockey) to VOTE for your favourite puck design to advance to the next round. Can’t wait to see who will be crowned Champion of the first ever Artist Puck Challenge by Sherwood. Get voting!


Sherwood is for those who work hard but play harder, who own their voice and will never apologize for being authentically true to themselves. Any time we can help athletes express themselves, we’re jumping on that opportunity. Giving a platform to this community is important to us and it’s vital to growing the game. There’s so much more creativity within this sport than just what happens on the ice and we want to bring that to life.

One barrier can sometimes be the game itself – there’s a lot of uniformity, making it tough for individuality to shine through. That got us thinking: how can we merge the worlds of hockey, self-expression and creativity? The answer? The puck. What if we could transform this simple, black disk into a piece of expression. A piece of art.

On March 29, 2021, Sherwood launched the first ever Artist Puck Challenge. We selected 32 artists from all over the continent to design a puck inspired by their home city. These pucks are facing off in a bracket style showdown, a winner-take-all challenge to see which artist and city takes home the crown and a cash prize.



    To drive some heat and excitement to our first ever Artist Puck Challenge, we worked with 4 incredibly talented and well-known artists across North America to create their own pucks. Check out their design and story below.


    I <3 Stencils

    iHeart is a Canadian street artist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Using stencils, iHeart emphasizes the dark side of society’s obsession with technology. By bringing these digital elements into the street, iHeart obscures the boundary between life on and offline. While the artist maintains their anonymity, iHeart's work has been recognized internationally on the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Kiev, Dubai, Montreal and Vancouver.


    Alvaro Ilizarbe

    Alvaro Ilizarbe was born in Lima, Peru and lives and works in Los Angeles. Drifting between painting, immersive installation, and sculpture, Ilizarbe’s work responds to its surroundings, immersing those surroundings in his intricate world. Using patterns, cypher, pre-Columbian linework, and the language of advertising, Ilizarbe creates work that explores the energy in between things, and forms multiple dialogues with its surroundings. Ilizarbe’s work often responds to the architecture of the space, completely changing it, and offering the viewer a separate universe within which to exist, like stepping into the other side of a mirror. Ilizarbe has held solo exhibitions across the U.S. He has been selected for collaborations with companies like Toyota, Nike, Clot, Sonos, Soulcycle, Gagosian Gallery, I Am Other, and Beck’s.


    Bthom Stevenson

    B. Thom Stevenson, born 1985, USA, lives and works in Worcester, USA. His practice is cannibalistic. Cycles of imagery of images of images. With each rendition, they mutate, decay or ascend into new motifs. Text and imagery are culled from an eclectic selection of sources: other artists, living or dead, DIY culture, American, Japanese and Italian cult horror movies, vintage quilt templates, Celtic stone carvings, literature and politics. B. Thom Stevenson is a multifaceted artist that explores the intersections between cultures by boiling down their artifacts to juxtapose in visually impactful dialogues, pairing both original and sourced materials to form a unique vocabulary. His practice explores the use of language as imagery, and pictures as tools of communication. B. Thom is represented by V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. In September 2019, with Jason S. Wright, Stevenson founded Miracle Seltzer, a Fluxus-inspired consumer product and lifestyle brand. His upcoming book J.I.C. Survival Manual, a reference book for surviving in the post-Internet world, is published by Family Books, Los Angeles. Stevenson has recently shown at Half Gallery and The Journal Gallery, New York. He holds a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.


    Kevin Lyons

    Kevin Lyons is an artist living and working out of Brooklyn, NY. He is known for his colorful, often hyper-energetic signature Monster characters. These characters have adorned everything from t-shirts to sneakers, walls to skateboards, cars and even candy. The Monsters were patiently developed within the pages of his many sketchbooks alongside his design-focused career in streetwear that spans nearly three decades. Kevin has held a variety of key roles within some of streetwear’s biggest brands including Design Director at Stussy, Art Director for Girl Skateboard Company, Art Director of Tokion Magazine, and Senior Designer for Nike. Clients over the years range from Adidas, Converse, Stance, HUF, Nike, and Colette.