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Sherwood CODE TMP 4 Senior Hockey Stick

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Whether you are a seasoned vet or new to the game, the CODE TMP 4 is sure to provide ultimate value for you. Blackline carbon fibre and Featherlite Technology creates a lighweight and balanced stick to help players generate more velocity and still have exceptional feel and durbility no matter what level you play.

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Length: 60inch
Textured Grip
Hybrid Kickpoint

Key Features

Featherlite - A handmade carbon fibre layup that improves both the balance point and durability of the stick while keeping it extremely lightweight.

Blackline CF - An all new and improved carbon fibre weave that uses unique manufacturing methods to create a lightweight and durbale stick with exceptional performance.

Refined Hybrid Kickpoint - The improved hybrid kickpoint maximizes load and release values for increased power and accuracy.