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Sherwood CODE TMP Pro Youth Hockey Stick

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For the young playmakers who desire elite level performance, the Youth CODE TMP Pro has everything an up and coming playmaker could desire. The new Playrite construction will make sure that the stick fits comfortably into growing hands. Blackline CF carbon fibre weave and Featherlite technology make it lightweight and easy to handle. The blade shape is designed to maximize puck control helping the young playmaker dominate the game.

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Length: 44inch
Textured Grip
Hybrid Kickpoint

Key Features

Playrite Construction - An all new construction that allows the shaft of the stick to comfortably fit into a young player's hands.

Featherlite - A handmade carbon fibre layup that improves both the balance point and durability of the stick while keeping it extremely lightweight.

Blackline CF - An all new and improved carbon fibre weave that uses unique manufacturing methods allowing you to feel the puck like never before.