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Sherwood P.M.P. 7000 Senior Hockey Stick

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Celebrating our past and bringing it into the modern era. As a part of Sherwood’s 75th anniversary we’re throwing it back to a classic: the PMP 7000. This stick is the amalgamation of modern day hockey technology with heritage graphic styling - a nod to our past while showing off how far we’ve come.

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Length: 60"
Tactile Grip

Key Features

T-Shape Shaft: Square shaft fitting firmly in the player's hands providing exceptional power and feel

FeatherLite X: A precision handmade layup process creating the perfect balance point to maximize power, weight, and feel.

Blackline XXV: 25,000 Filaments in a square inch of carbon fiber make up our Blackline XXV carbon fibre shaft and blade.

Pyrofil: Revolutionary carbon fiber created by Mitsubishi that greatly enhances durability and feel

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