Sherwood REKKER Element 2 SR Elbow Pads

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The REKKER Element 2 Elbow Pad offers players both mobility with one piece anatomical elbow cap with molded EVA foam cover construction as well as 3 strap elastic closure system for a secure fit. Stay protected at all times on the ice with Sherwood REKKER Aerofoam and perforated foam bicep for enhanced protection

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plastic cap with stretch fabric
2 step molded EVA foam cap cover - exposed white foam
SW diamond aerofoam in elbow tip and butterfly (side-bicep)
SW diamond aerofoam + perf foam base construction
EVA-80 under silver and white fabric
channel liner
full logos
S icon chrome heat cut
other logos: regular print
elastic + webbing & no molded tabs
full elastic middle strap
fabric binding

Key Features

One piece anatomical elbow cap with molded EVA foam cover.