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Sherwood CODE TMP Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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The CODE TMP Pro is the answer for the next generation of elite players. It was designed with one goal in mind, to take the playmaker’s game to the next level. Powered by Pyrofil Carbon Fiber by Mitsubishi, the TMP Pro is our best ever combination of power and precision. The new R Shape ergonomic shaft combined with our Energized Velocity Taper optimizes energy storage and release for unmatched velocity. The all new VR92 Blade features I-92 dampening inlay that strengthens the blade while also improving the feel for both pass reception and shooting. Featuring an improved Blackline 25K carbon fibre weave to enhances durability and Featherlite XT technology reducing unneeded weight in the blade and lower shaft to create the optimal balance point.

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Length: 60inch
Textured Grip
Hybrid Kickpoint

Key Features

Pyrofil - An all new revolutionary, lightweight carbon fibre created by Mitsubishi that greatly enhances durability while also creating our best feeling stick yet

R Shape shaft with Energized Velocity Taper - Redesigned from the ground up, the all new ergonomic shaft combined with new EVT gives players a pro shaft taper which allows for a greater power transfer in both shooting and passing

VR92 Blade with Toe Drag Technology - Vibration reducing foam injected blade with the addition of new I-92 dampening inlay
strategically placed in key impact zones for greater feel and durability.

Blackline XXV Carbon fibre - An all new and improved carbon fibre weave that uses unique manufacturing methods to create our lightest and most responsive carbon fibre ever, allowing you to feel the puck like never before.

Featherlite XT - A precision measured handmade layup process creating the perfect balance point to maximize power, weight and feel.

Refined Hybrid Kickpoint - The improved hybrid kickpoint maximizes load and release values for increased power and accuracy.