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Sherwood SWD Women's Shoulder Pads

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Designed anatomically for the female hockey player, Sherwood Women's Design (SWD) was created and validated by women with input from elite level female players.
Combining fit, function, form and design, SWD is built to optimize players' movements and overall game.
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Key Features

Viconic- Collar bone Cop-R29- Throughout CIP- Adjustable bicElbow Pads height, belly Pads removable, adjustable rib strap length, adjustable vest fit AIZ- Vest portion- Anatomically Isolated Zone (AIZ) for a combination of mobility and protection. Stretch area allows for protection to move with the player. Shoulder Cap- Dual density (2DC)-Multi-StElbow Pads multi material cap, blow molded and compression to shape to same on weight, but maximize protection Anatomical Fit