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Sherwood REKKER Legend Pro Senior Goalie Stick

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Legends exist all over the ice, some of whom have the job of stopping every puck that comes their way. Introducing the Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro Goalie Stick. Featuring all new Silverline XXV Pyrofil carbon fibre made by Mitsubishi which creates our best feeling goal stick to date while also enhancing durability. The UniFrame Paddle design dampens vibration and controls rebounds like never before. Featherlite XT balance point makes it quick and easy to maneuver. The G Fire Kickpoint allows for crisp and accurate puck moving, no matter if you're trying make a break out pass or maybe even shoot for the open net at the other end of the rink. For added comfort and control the G92 Internal dampening technology and the Go Zone textured grip area ensure that no matter the shot you face, you are in control so you can make the next highlight reel save.

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Key Features

Silverline XXV Pyrofil Carbon Fiber by Mitsubishi, G Fire Kickpoint, UniFrame paddle design, G92 internal dampening, FeatherLite XT balance point, Go Zone rounded shaft shape and tactile grip application