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Sherwood Playrite 3 Junior Hockey Stick

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The all new Playrite series has been engineered for the young player to go and wheel, snipe, and celly. Both the height and weight of the player will be the determining factors for which Playrite stick is right for them. The Playrite series has been recreated with an all new shaft construction so the stick fits comfortably in a growing player’s hands. The Playrite series is perfect for the growing player looking to develop their skills

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Length: 52inch
All new Playrite construction
45 Flex


With four sizing options and an all new construction the Playrite stick lengths and flex levels fit youth players as they grow, enabling them to improve their shots and help them to enjoy the game.

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18 kg
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Key Features

New Playrite Construction - An all new construction that is designed to maximize a young players grip strength, fit comfortably and help avoid unwanted rotation while passing or shooting. Length specific flex - specifically tuned for the optimum shaft flex depending on the players height.

Redesigned blade size and pattern to help improve puch control and shooting skills.

Product Education for Parents - The Playrite series has been designed to match with a player's height and weight so parents can easily decide which stick is right for their young superstar.