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Sherwood REKKER Legend 1 Senior Elbow Pads

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Legends aren't born; they're made. And Legends wouldn't be where they are without the right armour to protect them. The Sherwood REKKER Legend 1 elbow pad provides maximum protection while offering maximum comfort and fit. From Viconic Impact Protection (VIP) in the joint and bicep, to an anatomically fitted gusset and grip print in order to keep in place while you move, the REKKER legend 1 elbow pad is your protection of choice on the ice.
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Key Features

Viconic- Joint, bicep Cop-R29- full liner CIP- removable/adjustable bicep AIZ- forearm Grip Print- to keep in place on arm Gusset- allows arm to stay nest in the Pads when moving Anatomical Fit One Piece Molded Cap, with Formed impact foam cover