Sherwood REKKER Legend 1 Senior Hockey Pants

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The Sherwood Rekker Legend 1 Hockey Pants have been created with the ultimate goal scorer in mind, to protect them while also allowing them to move with freedom to make the highlight reel. Featuring Viconic impact protection which allows for impacts to be dispersed throughout the pants no matter if you're battling in a corner or blocking a shot. They also have our all new AIZ anatomical protection which gives the players even greater protection in vulnerable areas. For a highly adjustable fit the pants have Customizable Impact Protection (CIP) and a +1 zipper extension so you can make the Pads fit the way you want them to. To help mitagate odor and bacteria the pants have been lined with our revolutionary COP-r29 liner. The Sherwood Rekker Legend 1 Hockey Pants are here to help you become the next big hockey legend.
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Key Features

Viconic - Hips and Tailbone COP-r29 - Liner CIP - Adjustable spine and tailGuards, +1" zipper length adjustment, Expandable thigh gussets AIZ - Kidney Pads, Belly Pads Anatomical Fit