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Sherwood REKKER Legend 1 Junior Shoulder Pads

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Built to protect a legacy, the Sherwood REKKER Legend 1 Shoulder Pads are designed anatomically, infused with Cop-R29, an antimicrobial liner that fights against odours and bacteria. It also includes Viconic Impact Protection in key impact areas - the collar bone and rib enabling you to keep moving as the punches come through.
New Anatomically Isolated Zone (AIZ) protection enables players to move with ease while getting maximum protection.
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Key Features

Viconic- Collar bone, Rib Cop-R29- Throughout CIP- Adjustable bicep height, belly Pads removable AIZ- Vest portion-Anatomically Isolated Zone (AIZ) for a combination of mobility and protection. Stretch area allows for protection to move with the player. Shoulder Cap- Dual density (2DC)- Multi-Step multi material cap, blow molded and compression to shape to same on weight, but maximize protection Anatomical Fit