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The REKKER family was designed for those who fill the scoresheet. The player who reigns over goalies with lightning quick hands and a release you’ll never expect until it’s too late. Rooted around quickness, deception and an anatomical shape, the REKKER line is built for speed and precision.

A true legend is pushed to their limit—to a place no one thought possible. A Legend twists and turns, constantly building upwards. Each new challenge is an opportunity to level up with the end goal never out of sight. A legend is also found on a map—the only constant, inspiring the topographical lines as the hero design element for REKKER Legend.

These lines speak to the stick’s asymmetrical shaft shape and serves both form and function as the lines are raised, acting as a tactile grip for better puck handling.

Building your personal legend is an ongoing, never-ending pursuit. It’s the goal for any elite level athlete. To be a legend, to be the goat. A legend is shaped. You’re not born a legend. You work for it. You earn in. It’s fluid, it’s got ups and downs and ultimately, it’s the path you take to get there. It’s about the journey, not the destination to reach Legend status.