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Sherwood REKKER Legend Pro Canada LE

Straight from the ODRs of the great white north, introducing the Sherwood REKKER Legend Pro Canada LE. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Canadian hockey with the ultimate tool for players who embody the true spirit of the game. The REKKER Legend Pro Canada LE is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance and pay tribute to the passion that Canadians have for this beloved sport.

As you grip the stick, you'll feel a connection to our Canadian roots. The iconic red and white colors of the Canadian flag proudly adorn this stick, symbolizing the unwavering dedication and pride that resonates throughout Canada's hockey communities. With precision engineering, this stick empowers you to dominate the rink with finesse and power. The VR92 blade is carefully designed to provide exceptional control, allowing you to handle the puck with ease and execute flawless shots and the Ergo Taper Shaft will allow you to gain more power on your shots like few goal scorers before you.
Whether you're playing in a friendly neighborhood game or competing overseas in Prague with this stick like Team Sherwood athlete Connor Bedard, the Sherwood REKKER Legend Pro Canada LE equips you to excel. Experience the thrill of embodying the true essence of Canadian hockey as you skate across the ice with confidence and skill.

Extremely limited quantities are available now at Ice Warehouse, Hockey Monkey, and Source for Sports.