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You asked and we delivered. Introducing the Sherwood P.M.P. 7000, and no, it's NOT a wood stick. As part of celebrating our momentous 75th anniversary in 2024 we're bringing back a classic but have given it more than just a fresh coat of paint.
We heard your comments all around the globe ever since we first debuted this stick. The waves of fans asking when they can get their hands on it. Some of you with a keen eye may have seen we've been teasing this throughout the season on the Sherwood Hockey Instagram.
The stick some of you have seen and loved, maybe for some of you even played with (that's okay we don't judge here) as a wood stick has been brought into the modern day. Featuring high end specs such as Blackline XXV Carbon Fibre and Featherlite X technology, the all new P.M.P. 7000 is built to perform at a far higher level than its wooden counterpart.
Limited quantities are available now at participating retailers.