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Marucci x Sherwood Collab

We are excited to introduce to you the Sherwood x Marucci collection, a groundbreaking collaboration between two iconic brands in sports. Marucci, renowned for its exceptional handcrafted baseball bats and gear, has joined forces with Sherwood, a hockey brand deeply rooted in wooden products and celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2024.

The Sherwood x Marucci collection brings together the best of both worlds, combining the craftsmanship and heritage of Marucci with Sherwood's bold and disruptive brand values. This first-ever hockey x baseball collaboration showcases the shared commitment to quality both brands are known for.

Adding to the excitement, the Winter Classic will be taking place on a baseball diamond, symbolically connecting Sherwood's 75th anniversary celebrations with Marucci's sport. This event serves as a perfect opportunity to highlight the Sherwood x Marucci collection.