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Our Lightest Model Yet

Weighing in at 380 grams, the Rekker M90 is the lightest stick in the SHERWOOD lineup. Featuring Blackline XXV carbon fibre combined with innovative FlyLite II Technology, this stick is Feather-Lite, incredibly durable and more responsive than ever.

Lightning Quick Release

The Rekker M90 is equipped with an extremely low kickpoint and an aggressive taper. Combined together, this design gives the player the ability to load and release a shot in the blink of an eye.

Built to Last

The M90 is infused with Graphene throughout the stick, making it impact resistant and tough as nails. Equipped with the ResInjection system, this technology increases the longevity of the stick, giving the player an everlasting new stick ‘pop’.

Feel the Difference

The VRF 4 Blade technology uses advanced foams, making the blade thinner and lighter for amazing puck feel and blade durability. Combined with Spear Shaft Technology that runs through the heel of the blade, the M90 offers a consistent flex profile that provides the player with ultimate puck control.