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Two years ago, we introduced you to our new family with the CODE V. With it, a new era of Sherwood was born; an era of creativity and self-expression.Today, we’re here to dial up that notch to 11.


The CODE Player is one who shines brightest in the spotlight; they're a player with tough skin and an even tougher check. You'll always know when you're on the ice with a CODE athlete – they'll be the one involved in every play, no matter whether they're making sure goalies are on the wrong side of a highlight reel, or making opponents rethink putting skates on that night. CODE is for the spotlight. Play like everyone is watching. 

Introducing the Sherwood CODE TMP Series. Just when you thought you can't have your cake and eat it too, we just threw you a fork – eat up big dog. The new CODE TMP lineup is the full meal deal. Engineered to give you advantage in all scenarios; giving you more velocity on your shot; more mobility in your cuts; more versatility in your fit; not to mention, more swagger in your game. CODE TMP turns heads on the shelf and on the ice as you dangle your way past a defender. 


Everyone hears it growing up: to make sure to always show your work. Well, say no more. 


With CODE TMP, our mandate from a design standpoint was to tie in the art and the science together. The inspiration behind the design of the TMP series is one of precision engineering and not just treated as paint on a stick. There are a number of design elements on our stick and equipment that not only pay homage to our heritage and where we came from, but also to the future where we're always pushing the envelope. Here's a tap-in for you: on the stick itself we've put the kickpoint bump graphic exactly where the kickpoint is… 🤯. As for the rest… well that's for you to discover. 

Don’t, however, just take our word for it….Meet our friends Chucky (Who's currently updating his wardrobe) and Clarky 🤩 these two embody what it means to be a CODE athlete: skating to the beat of their own drum, not afraid to colour outside the lines, and being their true authentic selves on and off the ice.