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Sherwood x STAPLE Player Stick

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Who says style needs to stop at the arena entrance? The Sherwood X STAPLE hockey stick breaks all of the rules –fusing elite level performance with style and head-turning drip. Created for the self-expressive player who opts to stand out instead of fit in, the Sherwood X STAPLE hockey stick belongs to the collective of players that colour outside the lines. Every element of the aesthetic was designed with intent. From the unique infrared pigeon camo, to the secret Morse Code messaging, all the way to the NYC pigeon icons on the carbon fibre weave, this stick tells a story. Not to mention, each stick is individually numbered with only 250 produced in the world. The Sherwood X STAPLE stick was designed to disrupt the sport and act as a beacon of creativity for the next wave of athletes who want to ‘play outside the box.'

Featuring a 25K weave throughout the stick and weighing in at 390 grams, the new Feather Lite XT technology removes weight without compromising the strength or durability. Infused with Graphene - a material that is 200x stronger than steel, this promises to be one the most durable sticks on the market. In terms of playability and feel, the Sherwood X STAPLE stick provides more shot power through its unique Target Lock Taper. It features a hybrid kickpoint that is extremely versatile and caters to all shooting styles while the newly designed E2-17 shaft geometry which gently locks the hands into position for amazing feel and control.
  • Target Lock Taper - A hybrid low/mid kick point allowing the shaft to take a greater load and release with more velocity and power.
  • Blackline XXV Carbon Fibre - The proprietary weave uses unique manufacturing methods to create our lightest and most responsive carbon fibre ever, allowing you to feel the puck like never before. 
  • Graphene Infused - Graphene is a nano-material that is 200 times stronger than steel. It's the most impact resistant material ever used in a Sherwood hockey stick. 
  • E2-17 - Enhanced Edge - Rounded corners of the enhanced edge shaft create a precise feel in the player's hands. The concave walls of the shaft allow the player's fingers to lock into position. 
  • Featherlite XT - The lightweight carbon fibre layup uses a handmade manufacturing method that improves balance and the durability despite that it is super lightweight. 
  • VRF4 Blade - This thinner, and lighter blade profile incorporates advanced foams for amazing feel and durability. Resinjection System- Proprietary process to create the thinnest, lightest and strongest combination of carbon fiber filaments and resin

The Legend

Jeff Staple has achieved legendary status in the world of streetwear due to his creative vision and work in graphic, fashion and footwear design. Jeff has produced some of the most iconic and highly coveted products in the history of streetwear – including the STAPLE Pigeon Dunk. Jeff founded STAPLE in 1997 – the New York-based pioneering streetwear brand with the infamous “Pigeon” logo. Today, Jeff is also the creator & host of HYPEBEAST’s popular podcast “The Business of HYPE” and he is one of the most prominent teachers on SKILLSHARE. Jeff continues to expand his “Positive Social Contagion” worldwide going on two decades — and counting.

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