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Sherwood x STAPLE 3-pack pucks with stand

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A puck is a blank canvas – we decided to give it some swag. The Sherwood X STAPLE puck collection features three limited edition pucks that feature unique design elements from the full collection. Accompanied by a display stand, these pucks were designed to sit next to your MVP trophy or your PS5 as you drop the puck in NHL’22. Even though these pucks are official size and weight, you may want to give your head a shake if you put these on the ice…

The Legend

Jeff Staple has achieved legendary status in the world of streetwear due to his creative vision and work in graphic, fashion and footwear design. Jeff has produced some of the most iconic and highly coveted products in the history of streetwear – including the STAPLE Pigeon Dunk. Jeff founded STAPLE in 1997 – the New York-based pioneering streetwear brand with the infamous “Pigeon” logo. Today, jeff is also the creator & host of HYPEBEAST’s popular podcast “The Business of HYPE” and he is one of the most prominent teachers on SKILLSHARE. Jeff continues to expand his Positive Social Contagion” worldwide going on two decades — and counting.

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