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Sherwood REKKER Element 2 SR Goalie Stick Blue

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The REKKER Element 2 gives goaltenders the perfect combination between lightness, flexibility and durability.
Our Breakout Flex Paddle is designed for goaltenders who like to play the puck and helps increase velocity on your passes.
The RE Grip gives you optimal shaft and paddle control and our QPC Slide Shaft allows you to transition from stance to puck playing position and back at a moment's notice.
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Break Out Flex paddle
RE-GripZone and QPC slide shaft

Key Features

Blackline Carbon fiber paddle, blade and shaft for optimum weight reduction. | VRF HD foam insert helps reduce shot vibration in the paddle and blade. | BREAK OUT flex paddle promotes greater velocity for goalies that like to move the puck. | RE-GRIP textured surface combined with grip coating provides maximum control and glove stability. | QPC Slide shaft treatment is an ultra slick coating that allows you to quickly transition from stance to poke check and back. |