M70 Junior Shoulder Pads

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The new M70 Shoulder Pad offers complete protection for today's game. Equipped with a unique articulated spine and a sternum plate with a PE insert, the M70 Shoulder Pad protects the athlete while still allowing full range of motion.  Air Flow vented foam and vented caps have been used to reduce overall weight and maintain protection through the entire range of movement. This design direction promotes greater air movement for a cooler feel and less moisture retention.

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Key Features

  • Shoulder Protection: Molded PE caps; Clavicle protection inserts and soft padded collar
  • Chest Protection: Sternum plate with PE insert and multi density foams protection; Rib wrap design maximizes protection and mobility
  • Back Protection: Articulated Spine with PE inserts; Multi density foams with air flow venting
  • Bicep Protection: Molded PE shield ; Adjustable height
  • Fit System: Wide elastic straps for wide range; Adjustability and customized fit; Oversized velcro tabs to ensure secure fit on impact