M60 Youth Shoulder Pads

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The new M60 Shoulder Pad is ideal for players looking for full protection without all of the bells and whistles. Equipped with a segmented spine with dual density padding and a vented sternum plate with a PE insert, the M60 Shoulder Pad protects the athlete while still allowing full range of motion.

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Key Features

  • Shoulder Protection: PE caps with dual density foam coverage
  • Chest Protection: Vented sternum protection with PE insert; Anti microbial lining
  • Back Protection: Segmented spine with dual density padding
  • Bicep Protection: Molded PE shield with dual density foam; 3 inch height adjustability for better movement and coverage
  • Fit System: Wide elastic straps for wide range; Adjustability and customized fit; Oversized velcro tabs to ensure secure fit on impact