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Sherwood REKKER Element 2 JR Shin Guard

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Sherwood REKKER Element 2 Shin Pads offer enhanced protection with an integrated MD foam thigh protection and SW diamond Aerofoam slash guard. Anatomically molded shin and knee cap as well as a 3 point calf closure system ensure a precise fit every game

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white PE shin pad
full graphics: yellow, black, gray & silver
new injected knee cap, no arrows print
PU bottom edge cover
molded liner, but no COP-r29
no Viconic. Replaced by SW diamond aerofoam in butterfly
reduced calf protector, silver fabric cover (HD foam, no PE, instead of SW diamond aerofoam), reduce breaks
non-adjustable thigh-guard + perf & diamond foams
D-ring top-strap (no tabs)
elastic+ webbing strap (no tabs)
black fabric binding

Key Features

Anatomically molded Shin cap for precise fit