Project 8 Senior Hockey Stick

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Fill up the scoresheet with Sher-Wood and the Project 8 Senior Hockey Stick featuring Spear Shaft Technology for true one piece feel and control. Choose for power or precision with multiple curve and flex options to suit your style.

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  • Variable Mid Kickpoint
  • Wider Hosel
  • Square Shaft
  • Sher-Wood Authentic Textured Grip Finish
  • Weight - 450g
  • Length - 60"

Key Features

  • VRF.3 Blade: The VRF.3 Blade uses blackline carbon fiber, high performance foams and a single carbon fiber bridge for amazing feel and durability.
  • Fly Strong Technology: The shaft uses additional carbon fiber layers to increase durability.
  • Shot Sensor: Modifies the kickpoint based on your bottom hand placement to give you maximum torque on every shot.
  • Power Pivot Technology: An improved weight distribution results in optimal balance for effortless mobility and power.
  • Spear Shaft Technology: Spear Shaft Technology gives you a true one piece stick. The shaft runs through the heel of the blade to provide a better puck feel and more consistent flex profile.